Apple Pay

Latest Update: February 23th, 2019

To use Apple Pay at bunq you should order a new (Italian, Spanish, French or German) card. You don’t need to travel to one of the supported countries, since you can order it from your couch in your home country.

If this is the first time that you order an Italian (Spanish, French or German) card, you should (temporary) change your address to an Italian one. Just follow the steps described at Configure an Italian addresss.

If you’re finished with those steps, you can continue with the steps described at Order card to order an Apple Pay enabled bunq card.

If you ordered your card, you can activate it right away by checking the steps at Activate card. Nowadays you can activate (and use) your card for Apple Pay just after you ordered it. You don’t have to wait until the physical card is being delivered at your doorstep.

NOTICE : As soon as you ordered your card, please change your address back to your home location.

If you have enabled Apple Pay succesfully, please consider a small donation (to cover the web hosting costs) by using this link :

Configure an Italian address

They only thing you will need is the bunq Desktop application. This is a community developed (open-source) application with you can use to manage your bunq-business from a desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux) kunt beheren. You can download the latest version here.

Just follow the steps below to (just for a few minutes) to ‘move’ to Italy, which makes it possible to order a new Italian bunq card.


Currently it can happen that when you are at pressing the Update  button at step 2, your Italian address isn’t shown directly. Please check your iPhone to see (close the app on the iPhone first) if the address change was successfully.
  1. Start the bunq desktop app, log in and click on your picture (top left) to manage your address information.
  2. Change the Country (on both sides) to IT and edit the Postal Code so there are only five numbers in that field.

    Tap on Update to apply the changes.
  3. Open the bunq app on your phone and check if your address information matches the information you just entered in the bunq desktop app. If that is the case, you can order a new bunq card.
    NOTICE : Don’t order a recplacement card, but a new card. If you ordered a replacement card, you (still) can’t use Apple Pay!
  4. Close the bunq app as soon as you ordered a new card.
    NOTICE : The steps below need to be executed right afteryou ordered your card, otherwise there is a chance that it takes longer then usual before your card gets delivered to your home (or you won’t receive it at all!).
  5. Go back to the bunq desktop app en click on your picture.
  6. Change the country (and postal code) back to your current home address (on both sides).
  7. To activate your card, please follow the instructions behind the Activate card tab.

Order card

With a Premium bunq subscription you will receive a maximum of 3 bank cards for free. For every additional card you pay, besided the one-time fee of € 9,00, a monthly fee of € 2,00 (maestro) or € 3,00 (mastercard). If you already have 3 cards activated/in use and ou want to order a new card (to use Apple Pay), you can deactivate one of your current cards before you order a new card..

Just follow the steps below to start with deactivating a card. If you don’t want to deactivate a current card, please start with step 4.

  1. Open the bunq app and go to your cards.
  2. Selecter the card you (temporary) want to deactivate and click on Deactivate or block (Deactiveren of blokkeren).
  3. Tap on Deactivate card (Deactiveer pas (1)). You can activate the card (and use it) again anytime. If you have deactivated the card you cannot use it to pay or to get money from an ATM.
  4. Swipe to the right in the card screen and tap on Take another card (Neem nog een pas).
  5. Tap on Order Maestro (Bestel Maestro) or Order MasterCard (Bestel MasterCard). (tap on What’s the difference? (Wat is het verschil?) to read what to pro’s and cons of both cards are).
    In short:
    Maestro: You can pay almost anywhere (at least in the Netherlands) with Apple Pay.
    MasterCard: You can pay at places where you can also use your creditcard (in the Netherlands), in the rest of the world you can pay almost anywhere (when you can pay contact less).
  6. Just follow the card ordering instructions.
  7. Change your address back to your home location right after you finished the ordering process (this is the location where bunq will deliver your physical card).

Activate card

To use Apple Pay, you don’t have to wait for the delivery of your physical card (this can take up to 3-10 business days). It is currently possible to activate your card within minutes after you ordered it.


To add your card to your Wallet, make sure that the region of your phone is set to one of the Apple Supported countries/regions, like FR, IT, ES, DE)

Just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to settings on your iPhone and (temporary) change the (phone) region to Italy (this is needed so you can add your bunq card to your Wallet later on).
  2. Open the bunq app and go to your cards.
  3. Swipe to the card you (just) ordered and click on Start using it ( Begin nu met het gebruik ervan! (1))
  4. Tap on the Card number (Kaartnummer (1)) and write the number down. This is the number you enter later on when adding the card to the Apple Wallet. (You don’t need to click on Apple Pay (3), because this process is cumbersome and it will not always work (it also depends on you having an Italian or Spanish address configured in the bunq app).
  5. Tap on CVC security code (2) and tap one or two times on Generate a new CVC code (Maak een nieuwe CVC) code. If you don’t generate a new CVC code, it is possible that you cannot successfully add your bunq card to your Wallet. Write down the last generated CVC code.
  6. Close the bunq app and open the Wallet app.
  7. Now add a new card by tapping the +-sign (1).
  8. Tap Continue (Ga door).
  9. Tap Add another card (Voeg een andere kaart toe).
  10. Tap Add card info manually (Voeg kaartinfo handmatig in).
  11. Now enter the card number and tap Next (Volgende).
  12. In the field Security code (Beveiligingscode) enter the generated CVC code and tap Next (Volgende).
  13. Your card is being configured for Apple Pay. You maybe have to accept the terms (if they show up).
  14. At the card verification-screen (Kaartverificatie) you can choose for verification by using the bunq-app or by receiving a textmessage (both options do work here). Just leave default option selected (bunq-app) and tap Next (Volgende).
  15. Now tap on Open bunq (1) to start the validation process.
  16. The bunq app will now be opened. Click on Activate (Activeer) to start the activation process.
  17. When you have authorised successfully with FaceID (or TouchID) your card is activated and enabled for Apple Pay.
  18. Congrats! You just configured Apple Pay on your iPhone.

Do you own an Apple Watch and do you want to use Apple Pay on the Watch? Please read on..

  1. Open the Apple Watch app the iPhone.
  2. Tap General (Algemeen (1))
  3. Tap Language and region (Taal en Regio (1))
  4. Select the (temporary) region Italy .
  5. Tap twice on Back (Terug) and tap Wallet and Apple Pay (1)
  6. Tap Add card (Voeg kaart toe (1))
  7. Tap Continue (Ga door).
  8. Deselect the cards you don’t want to add (if there is more then one card selected) and tap Continue (Ga door).
  9. At Security code (Beveiligingscode) enter the generated CVC code and tap Next (Volgende).
  10. Just follow the instructions to verify the card.
  11. After the verification process (see step 16 and 17 of the iPhone instruction) you are done and you can now also use Apple Pay on your Watch.